Workshops: BOOKING NOW! Thailand- Spring 2017


VR is expanding to Southeast Asia! We are so excited to announce a new Spring 2017 workshop in MaeSot, Thailand with The Charis Project. 

BOOK NOW! $500 deposit holds your spot! 

Country Information 

Thailand, located in Southern Asia, boasts some of the most beautiful and lush scenery in the world. Surrounded by Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia, Thailand is home to roughly 67.5 million people most of which live in rural, rice-growing regions. Bangkok boasts a booming industry and upscale cultural make-up. Hanging in the balance of this, Thailand itself exists as a complicated microcosm of upscale urban wealth and acute agricultural poverty. 

As beautiful as it may seem, Thailand's underground struggle to stay alive is ripping at the seams of the family structure. Natural disasters as well as poor agricultural practice, have led to generations of children growing up in unending cycles of poverty. It is not uncommon for families in this area to leave their infant children in rice fields to die alone or to sell their young girls into sex trafficking in order to make ends meet. 

Tak Province sits on the Western side of Thailand, hugging the border of Burma. Nearly 100,000 of Thailand's 130,000 registered Burmese refugees live in squalid refugee camps in Tak Province. The area is also home to migrant farm workers, looking for economic opportunity by leaving Burma, and many diverse hill tribe communities. The Charis Home, a home for orphaned and abandoned children, sits among these hill tribe communities. Just over 30 children live in this home. They are combating the effects of poverty by learning farming, fishing, English, computer science, and business development. 


Travel Logistics 

Date: Between February and April 2017. Exact dates TBD 

This is a 9 day, intensive in-country trip. 

Cost: $3,000 (fluctuates based on airfare) 

Lodging: Hotels. Hotels are clean and modest. Optional overnight in a migrant farm village with a host family. 

Flights: Many airlines fly to Bangkok. We will book the best flight from your departure city. 


In-Country Logistics 

Once in Bangkok, we will connect with the NGO, The Charis Project. They will coordinate our lodging and transportation from Bangkok to MaeSot, Tak Province and other projects.  

From this point, we have mulitple options. The NGO will coordinate photographing their projects. They currently have a sustainable orphan home, an alternative childcare center, a teaching farm, a consignment store and coffee bar as well as birth/childcare classes for pregnant women and young mothers.  

This trip will also incorporate a few travel projects in and around the cultural hub of Bangkok and we may participate in the cultural festival of Songkran, celebrating the Thai New Year. 

If you've ever wanted a chance to embrace the Thai culture, while doing good and taking good pictures, this is your chance!!  

BOOK NOW! $500 refundable deposit holds your spot.